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Regional Executive Committee

42 Lenina street, Glubokoye, 211800

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Глубокое - вишневая столица Ночное Глубокое Площадь 17 сентября Визитная карточка города Панорама города
Глубокое - вишневая столица
Глубокое - вишневая столица
Ночное Глубокое
Площадь 17 сентября
Визитная карточка города
Панорама города
Dear users of the site! All our thoughts and best deeds, all our life aspirations and cherished dreams are connected with the land where we were born and grew up...
24 July 2017
Vitebsk Airport will launch a charter flight program to Egypt which will run till 9 January 2018, BelTA learned from Sergei Ruris, the head of Vitebsk branch of Belaeronavigatsia company. The airport will offer the charter service to Hurghada as from 21 September this year. Flights will be performed by the Belavia air carrier on a Boeing 737-800 which can seat up to 200 passengers. Customer of the charter flight program is the Tez Tour travel agency. Vitebsk Airport is already...
18 July 2017
Five agreements on cooperation between cities and regions of Vitebsk Oblast and Russia, and also regional business associations were signed at the international business conference "Innovations – A Way to Successful Integration" that opened in Vitebsk on 17 July, BelTA has learned. The agreements on partnership were concluded between Novopolotsk and Buzuluk (Orenburg Oblast), Chashniki District and Buzuluk District, the deputy corps of Vitebsk District and Ivanovo District and also the...
24 July 2017
The Belarusian Red Cross Society will host its sixth international school on preparedness for emergencies on 25-30 July, BelTA learned from the Belarus Red Cross. Attending the school will be 120 people from ten countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Norway, Estonia, Qatar, and Belarus. Among the invitees are experts from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. The training will be held at the institute of...
18 July 2017
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko met with Presiding Judge of the Supreme Court Valentin Sukalo on 17 July, BelTA has learned. The meeting focused on the performance of the national court system after general courts and economic courts were merged, further optimization of the court system, and ways to improve law enforcement practice in a number of areas. The head of state said: "I am most of all concerned about the merger of our courts although it happened a long time ago. I would...



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