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Визитная карточка города
Визитная карточка города
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9 June 2020
In Vitebsk Oblast, the involvement of young people in labor in the summer is traditionally implemented in practice. A system of measures has been created aimed at facilitating the processes of labor and social adaptation of youth, the acquisition by young people of professional skills and personal development, the formation of citizenship and patriotism.
8 June 2020
According to information received from the Lithuanian side, due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation caused by the spread of the coronavirus infection COVID-19, the established quarantine regime has been extended until 24:00 June 16, 2020, the official representative of Polotsk border detachment Denis Glebko reports.
5 June 2020
Presentation of school graduates diplomas in Vitebsk Oblast will take place in the open air.
4 June 2020
According to the results of the spring draft campaign, 40 recruits from Vitebsk Oblast arrived in Polotsk border detachment.
3 June 2020
Today, in Orsha region receive about 180 liters of products per day.
2 June 2020
About 2.500 employees of stationary social institutions and departments of the 24 hours stay of Vitebsk Oblast will receive raises for work during an intense epidemiological situation.