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6 July 2018

Bella Chagall in focus of new exhibition in Vitebsk

A new exhibition in Vitebsk is dedicated to Bella Chagall, BelTA learned from the Marc Chagall Art Center that hosts the exhibition.

The exposition "Bella Chagall. Portrait of the Artist's Wife" is timed to the birthday of the famous painter marked on 6 July. The exposition features copies of photos documenting the life of the Rosenfeld family (Bella's maiden name), graphic works of Marc Chagall from the museum's holdings, household items that were used by urban dwellers at the start of the 20th century, copies of Bella Chagall's book The Burning Lights. A lithography made to Marc Chagall's composition "The Birthday" is on display for the first time.

The exposition reveals the role of Bella Chagall in Marc's life against a broad historical and cultural context. The exposition offers little-known facts related to the history of Vitebsk and its Jewish community. Bella Chagall is presented not only as a muse of the outstanding artist, but as a self-sufficient person, a well educated and independent woman who was ahead of her traditional milieu but preserved a sense of belonging to her roots, a person of sharp intelligence and wit, as well as of literary talent.

The exhibition curator is a famous Vitebsk-based Chagall expert Lyudmila Khmelnitskaya.