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Визитная карточка города
Визитная карточка города
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8 April 2021

Belarus disconnects power lines with Lithuania during energy system testing

Belarus has started testing its power grid and disconnected cross-border power lines with Lithuania, BelTA learned from the Energy Ministry of Belarus.

“The tests are meant to check the reliability of the Belarusian energy system taking into account the planned exit of the Baltic states' power grids from the BRELL system that unites Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania,” the statement reads.

The testing program that is going to last for 24 hours provides for the disconnection of high-voltage lines, monitoring of the power grid operation and activation of high-voltage lines in compliance with the necessary safety requirements.

Similar tests will be carried out on 11 April.

These works will be performed as part of the program agreed on with the energy grid operators of Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (BRELL countries).