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Визитная карточка города
Визитная карточка города
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12 April 2021

Early spring crops sowing in Belarus over 50% complete

Early spring cereals and leguminous crops (excluding corn, buckwheat, and millet) have been sown on 52.9% of the target area in Belarus, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 12 April early spring crops were planted on the area of 390,000ha. Progress in sowing these crops reached 76.6% in Grodno Oblast, 74.8% in Gomel Oblast, 50.7% in Minsk Oblast, 23% in Mogilev Oblast, and 10.2% in Vitebsk Oblast. The early spring crops sowing in Brest Oblast was completed.

Soil for sowing early spring cereals and leguminous crops was tilled on the area of 532,500ha (72.2% of the target area). This year these crops are supposed to occupy 737,100ha.

Flax was sown on the area of 6,980ha or 14.1% of the plan, sugar beet was sown on the area of 9,700ha or 10.7% of the plan.