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Панорама города
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6 April 2021

Early spring crops sowing progress past 25% in Belarus

Early spring cereals and leguminous crops (excluding corn, buckwheat, and millet) have been sown on 25.8% of the target area in Belarus, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 6 April early spring crops were sown on an area of 192,200ha. Progress in sowing these crops reached 67.4% in Brest Oblast, 36.9% in Grodno Oblast, 36.8% in Gomel Oblast, 18.1% in Minsk Oblast, 5.75% in Mogilev Oblast, and 1.44% in Vitebsk Oblast.

Soil for sowing early spring cereals and leguminous crops has been tilled on an area of 397,600ha (53.6% of the targeted area). This year these crops are supposed to occupy 742,100ha.