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Glubokoe is the cherry capital
Glubokoe is the cherry capital
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22 November 2022

Kochanova calls information attacks on government absolutely futile

All canards and information attacks target first of all the authorities, Chairwoman of the Council of the Republic Natalya Kochanova told reporters, BelTA has learned.

“Of course, this is primarily directed against the authorities despite the fact that we have something to be proud of, for example, the performance of our agriculture this year. Our grain harvest approximates one tonne per capita, and even more. We have a broad assortment of products on store shelves today. The quality of domestic goods is great. We have enough products and even can export the rest, and the president has set such a task for us. However, our primary task is to meet the domestic demand for consumer goods and foodstuffs, which is being done. Therefore, people have no reason to panic. Yet, there have always been and will always be ill-wishers. But I believe that no matter what they will try to do, they will not achieve their goals,” she said.

People see and understand how well Belarusians live, the speaker noted. “Just look at foreign visitors who come here. Last weekend I visited Gomel Oblast (we held events there). I also visited my native Vitebsk Oblast where I toured quite a lot of shopping facilities, talked with sales people and customers. They told me how many people from the Baltic states, Poland are now coming to Belarus, they simply sweep off our products off the shelves over the weekend. Well, let people come. If they have a shortage of these goods, they can buy them here. You know that we have a visa waiver. Let people come and buy Belarusian products that are of good quality. We will only be happy about this,” she added.

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