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18 October 2022

Over 100 films to be screened at Minsk International Film Festival Listapad

More than 100 films will be screened during the eight days of the 28th edition of the Minsk International Film Festival Listapad in 2022, BelTA learned from the press center of the film festival.

A total of 1,360 entries were submitted to the festival. Over 80 films have already been shortlisted to take part in four programs of the festival (Feature Films Competition, Documentary Films Competition, Children and Youth Films Competition Listapadzik and Animation Films Competition). Along with the out-of-competition program and the CIS Golden Collection that will also be shown during the festival, the eight-day festival program will include about 100 entries.

According to the rules of the festival, all films taking part in the competition must not be screened in Belarus before. Preference is given to films that were critically acclaimed at international festivals and received positive reviews from the audience and filmmakers. Another important condition is being new (the period of filming should be 2021-2022).

The largest number of entries (50) will be shown in the animation competition program, which will debut this year. Other programs will feature from 10 to 14 films made by filmmakers from more than five countries.

Belarusian filmmakers will also participate in the competition programs: Listapadzik, feature and animated films. The Belarusian films created over the past year will also be screened during a separate thematic event: the Day of Belarusian Cinema.

"The festival films will explore the themes of peace, preservation of the land, country, love, family, hope and faith. We will have different films: auteur, big movies, and tragedies. We will also talk about the main, eternal values. True values are important for all of us today," said Vladimir Karachevsky, General Director of the Belarusfilm film studio, director of the Listapad film festival.

Launched in 1994, Listapad is an annual international film festival in Minsk. Among the organizers of the film festival is the Culture Ministry of Belarus, Minsk City Hall and the Belarusfilm national film studio.

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