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8 November 2022

Over 4,000 citizenship applications considered in Belarus in 2022

A total of 4,075 applications for admission to Belarusian citizenship have been considered in 2022, BelTA learned from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Thousands of foreigners apply for Belarusian citizenship every year. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 4,075 such applications have already been processed this year. Most of them have been submitted by Ukrainians (2,811). A total of 3,997 applications have been approved.

The internal affairs bodies process applications within the shortest time possible, and in some cases they use a simplified procedure. The Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasized that this is meant to show that our republic is open for law-abiding and hardworking people. This policy has remained unchanged for many years and has been successfully implemented.

“Those who wish to become part of our society should permanently reside in Belarus for five years, have a legal income, comply with the provisions of the Constitution and the law,” said Aleksei Begun, Head of the Citizenship and Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. “Each requirement is mandatory. For example, three or more administrative penalties will be the ground for refusing a citizenship application,” he added.

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