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5 May 2016

German photos as part of war exhibition in Polotsk

The exhibition "The Price of Occupation" will open at the military museum of the Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve on 9 May, BelTA learned from Sergey Kopyl, the head of the military museum.

The exhibition marks the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and Belarus' occupation by the Nazi invaders. The exhibition will feature the unique photos taken by the invaders in the occupied city of Polotsk, the documents that the occupation authorities issued to Polotsk residents, newspapers, and Reichsmarks, the money of the fascist Reich in circulation in the occupied territories.

The exposition will feature the documents, photographs, books, and household and bonistics items. The core of the exhibition will be the materials from the holdings of the museum and the items uncovered in the course of the research by fellows and scholars of the Polotsk State University," Sergei Kopyl noted. Visitors will be able to get familiar with the materials that reflect the period of the Nazi occupation of Polotsk, its consequences, the first actions of the Soviet authorities to restore Polotsk.

Belarus' occupation by Nazi troops lasted for the long three years. In the occupied territories the Nazis installed a so-called new order regime of ruthless violence, exploitation, genocide, elimination of the Soviet system and its spiritual values, plundering of wealth and natural resources.