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8 December 2015

Marc Chagall's museums in Belarus, France to aim for closer cooperation

Marc Chagall's museums in Vitebsk, Belarus and Nice, France intend to promote closer cooperation. The mutual interest in expanding the contacts was expressed when representatives of the French museum visited Vitebsk on 3 December, BelTA learned from Irina Voronova, Director of the Marc Chagall Museum in Vitebsk.

Anne Dopffer, Director of the Marc Chagall National Museum in Nice, and the museum's curator Blanche Grinbaum-Salgas arrived in Belarus to discuss the organization of an exhibition of Marc Chagall's works in the National Art Museum in Minsk in 2017. The exhibition will be timed to the 130th anniversary of the artist's birthday.

While in Vitebsk the French guests visited the Marc Chagall Art Center, the Art Museum, and the Marc Chagall House Museum. According to Irina Voronova, the two Marc Chagall museums in Vitebsk and Nice are interested in promoting closer ties. According to the source, Anne Dopffer has been the director of the French museum for a short time and she was pleased with what she saw in Vitebsk.

The Director of the Marc Chagall Museum in Vitebsk also said she hopes that the expansion of cooperation and tighter contacts would help destroy the stereotype that exists in some countries that Marc Chagall was born in a small village. "The guests could make sure that Vitebsk is one of the largest cities in Belarus, a cozy city in a European way, a hospitable city that treasures its historic legacy," she concluded.