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13 July 2016

Plans to start production of marbled beef in Lepel District

A factory to produce marbled meat may be set up in Lepel District (Vitebsk Oblast), Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Slovakia to Belarus Jozef Migas told reporters on the sidelines of the Belarusian-Slovak Business Forum Innovations – The Path Towards Successful Integration.

"I visited Lepel District, and examined the sites which the Belarusian side offers to us for setting up an agricultural enterprise. There is good infrastructure, very good conditions: lakes, pastures. We can set up a promising enterprise to manufacture marbled meat there," the Ambassador said.

He said that in order to get these plans implemented, there is a need to purchase the pedigree stock, pass certification, etc. "Now we must calculate how much money will be needed, where and for what price we can get the stock of pure breed that responds to the contemporary trends in marble meat manufacturing. We will talk with Slovakian investors, offer them to work here. They are professionals and should give their assessment of all pros and cons, turn the project into a real business plan which we will pursue acting strictly according to the rules and calculations," the diplomat said.

Jozef Migas noted that the forum will discuss the cooperation in energy. "Our specialists will discuss the construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Western Dvina River. They are ready for this conversation," said the Ambassador. He stressed that in the current economic climate it is necessary to be pragmatic. "There should be no wasting money. Our Slavic soul needs some Western pragmatism, and then successes will come our way," the diplomat said.

Jozef Migas noted that the cooperation in agriculture and energy is still at a preliminary stage. Issues that arise in the course of the implementation of the Belarusian-Slovak plans in Vitebsk Oblast will be discussed in a meeting between the Slovak Ambassador and senior officials of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee, which is scheduled for 13 July.

The Belarusian-Slovak business forum, Innovations – The Path Towards Successful Integration, is one of the events of the Days of Slovakia which will be held in Vitebsk as part of the international arts festival Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk. The business forum is scheduled for 12-14 July. It will provide a platform for meetings between Belarusian entrepreneurs and government authorities with foreign partners, associations providing support to small and medium-sized businesses, and specialist financial institutions. The program of the business forum includes a plenary meeting, seminars, roundtables, business matchmaking sessions, and other events. The participants will discuss the prospects of bilateral cooperation in power engineering, machine-building, woodworking, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, light industry, tourism and health improvement.