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10 August 2016

Vitebsk Oblast, Bryansk Oblast to set up working group to promote cooperation

VITEBSK, 10 August (BelTA) – Belarus’ Vitebsk Oblast and Bryansk Oblast of Russia will set up a joint working group to promote cooperation. The agreement was reached during a meeting of governor Nikolai Sherstnev and Alexander Bogomaz, BelTA has learned.

The visit of the Bryansk Oblast Governor and a delegation (about 30 people) is not accidental, Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee Nikolai Sherstnev noted when talking to the media. “We have had meetings, exchanged views. To materialize all ideas, we decided to set up a working group. It will compose experts in different lines of business: agriculture, industry, culture, sport, etc. Friendly contacts should cover virtually all industries. And, of course, we need to strengthen our friendship through closer ties in manufacturing,” Nikolai Sherstnev said.

According to him, the working group will be formed the next day or two. “Literally in two or three weeks we intend to assess its effectiveness. We agreed to meet in Bryansk at the end of August. Then we will sum up the work of this group,” he noted.

Following the meeting the parties signed an agreement on cooperation between Vitebsk Oblast and Bryansk Oblast.

During the visit to Vitebsk, the Bryansk Oblast delegation is set to visit the industrial and agricultural enterprises, retail outlets, education and health facilities.