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9 February 2016

Vitebsk scientists to offer ultrasound welding pistols

Scientists of the Vitebsk-based Applied Acoustics Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus intend to roll out a pilot batch of portable ultrasound welding tools of their own design in late February, BelTA learned from the Institute's Deputy Director Yuri Tsarenko.

According to the source, the ultrasound welding tools are lightweight and safe. They are designed to connect large-sized plastic components or to perform welding operations in hard-to-reach places. The developers designed the product for a wide range of applications. Repairing conveyor belts at poultry farms is one of them. The initiative to develop the device was put forth by one of the Belarusian poultry farms. "Such complicated devices are difficult to mass-produce and there is no need for a lot of them for now. For the sake of probing the market we intend to offer a small pilot batch of ultrasound welding tools," explained Yuri Tsarenko.

The portable welding tool set consists of a pistol-shaped welding tool and an electronic generator. Electricity is converted into the energy of ultrasound-frequency mechanical vibrations, which can weld components made of polymeric materials. It is worth noting that the Vitebsk-made ultrasound welding tools cost about $2,500 per set and can easily compete with more expensive imports.

The Applied Acoustics Institute has been introducing ultrasound technology products for decades as part of industry-wide programs and regional R&D programs. However, the Institute has suggested including two projects of a different nature into the new Vitebsk Oblast R&D program for innovation-driven development in 2016-2020. The Institute suggests making stents out of titanium nickelide for treating oncological diseases of internal organs. The Institute also suggests creating a digital system to measure fuel weight in diesel locomotives for railroad operators.

The Applied Acoustics Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus was founded in 1975. Prior to 1994 it was referred to as the Vitebsk division of the Solid State Body and Semiconductor Physics Institute. The Applied Acoustics Institute is the first academic R&D institution in the oblast. The Institute carries out research projects in the area of semiconductor physics, magneto-electric phenomena, and ultrasound physics. The Applied Acoustics Institute takes part in government programs focusing on functional and mechanical engineering materials, nanomaterials, composite materials, and other projects.