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1 December 2015

Vitebsk State Technological University hopes to join AUTEX

Vitebsk State Technological University hopes to join the Association of Universities for Textiles AUTEX, head of the department of textile material technologies at Vitebsk State Technological University Dmitry Ryklin told media during the international conference "New Technique and Technology in the Textile and Light Industry" on 25 November, BelTA informs.

Earlier Vitebsk State Technological University signed an agreement on cooperation with France's Haute-Alsace University. Professor of the university, President of the Association of Universities for Textiles AUTEX Dominique Adolphe is also attending the international conference which is running in Vitebsk on 25-26 November.

"We plan to implement a project on improving the education process jointly with the French university. New materials are being developed. Specialists need to know how to design and produce them. Our European counterparts know more than we do. They could help us modernize our education courses. The project envisages methodical assistance, renovation of the material, involvement of students to the innovative activity," said Dmitry Ryklin.

A competition has been announced among the projects of the international education program Erasmus+. Dominique Adolphe has come to Vitebsk to discuss details although it is still unknown if the university's project will get financing. According to the French guest: "We are interested in cooperation in order to boost the development of new technologies. It would be ideal if we could build a new program of cooperation with Vitebsk State Technological University through Erasmus and similar programs. At first, however, we need to establish bilateral relations," noted Dominique Adolphe.

In perspective Vitebsk State Technological University plans to join the AUTEX Association which includes 34 universities from 28 countries (predominantly in Europe). The Vitebsk university has high chances of achieving this goal. The university trains textile manufacturing specialists, conduct research in the area of technology and production. "We have already developed close contacts with Russia and Ukraine, and we intend to maintain them. We also would like to develop cooperation with European universities. Among our project partners are universities and research centers of Lithuania, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and other countries," stressed Dmitry Ryklin.

The international sci-tech conference "New Technique and Technology in the Textile and Light Industry" is taking place in Vitebsk State Technological University on 25-26 November. It is a traditional event which was held in 2009, 2011 and 2013 to organize an exchange of opinions between specialists of companies and scientific organizations, familiarize them with the results of modern research, practical issues in exploring new technological processes.

The conference will feature more than 200 reports prepared by specialists from almost 40 universities, research organizations and industrial companies.