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Glubokoe in the night
Glubokoe in the night
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14 January 2016

Vitebsk to host Slavonic Bazaar 2016 in July

The 25th edition of the Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk will take place in the second half of July. Tickets to some concert programs will be available starting from February, director of the forum, head of the World Association of Festivals Alexander Sidorenko told BelTA on 13 February.

"We cannot name any concrete dates until we coordinate the issue with all government bodies. We can only say that the festival will be held in the second half of July," said Alexander Sidorenko. "Many establishments of the country are engaged in the preparations for the festival, which is a calling card of Belarus. The head of state does his best to attend every edition of it and it is very important for us," he added.

Alexander Sidorenko stressed that the festival improves its profitability every year. "We understand that we should earn ourselves. That is why we launch early ticket sales, switch to the electronic selling system and work actively through social networks. We also work on improving the quality of the television product," the director of the forum said.