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Glubokoe regional executive committee
30 September 2021

Belarusian Parliament speaker calls to use all legal mechanisms to counter western sanctions policy

We need to use all legal mechanisms to counter the sanctions policy of the West, Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko said during a session of the Council of the House of Representatives in Minsk on 30 September, BelTA has learned.

"Using their right of propose legislation, MPs have suggested a bill on criminal liability for calls for sanctions. It should be drawn up swiftly and submitted for the first and second readings at the autumn session. We must use all legal mechanisms to counter the sanctions policy of the West," Vladimir Andreichenko said.

He also urged to dot the i on the bill on self-regulatory organizations. "Taking into account a great number of comments and remarks, I ask the Standing Commission on Economic Policy and all stakeholders to make a decision whether to revise or withdraw the bill," the speaker said.

"A bill on licensing has been sent to the House of Representatives. The bill is important as it affects the interests of a wide range of business entities and has long been expected by the business community. At the same time, we have already received a number of important comments from the Presidential Administration and other government bodies. For example, questions are asked whether the time is right to abolish licensing of legal services and to change the approaches to licensing of medical activities. The proposal to expand the range of licensing bodies needs additional discussion," Vladimir Andreichenko noted.

The speaker called to intensify the work on the bill to amend the law on state innovation policy and innovation activities. "As you know, on 15 September this year, the head of state approved the state program of innovative development of the country for the next five years. The Standing Commission on Education, Culture and Science should not delay finalizing the project and take into account the approaches laid down in the program, including the redistribution of powers between the president and the government,” he stated. “The bill should be submitted during the autumn session. Possible issues in the field of innovation can be discussed during a workshop which we are planning to hold in the High-Tech Park on 27 October."

MP also need to finish work on the draft Education Code. "At the National Pedagogical Conference the head of state set a number of tasks in the field of education. The Standing Commission on Education, Culture and Science should carefully examine the provisions of the bill to match them with the instructions voiced during the conference. If some things are missing, remain unregulated, then MPs need to work it out promptly with appropriate ministries, other stakeholders before it is considered at a government conference with the participation of the president,” Vladimir Andreichenko said. “Today eveyrbody is aware of the need to carefully preserve the cultural code of the nation based on the values of the Belarusian people. The work on the bill to amend the Cultural Code should be given the closest attention. Five years ago, our country was the first in the post-Soviet space to prepare a codified document in this area. Now MPs need to join the public discussion of recent novelties, consider them from the point of a balance of interests of the state and society. "

"We regularly discuss the ways to improve the quality of legislative work. Of course, holding visiting meetings of standing committees is a good opportunity to analyze law enforcement practice, to study the experience on the example of specific business entities. This year, the standing commissions held 12 on-site meetings, another 6 are scheduled before the end of the year. In order to maximize the potential of such events, to ensure the timely exchange of information on the issues that are raised, I suggest the commissions prepare reports and specific proposals following the on-site meetings,” Vladimir Andreichenko noted.

The autumn session of the House of Representatives will open on 4 October.

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