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Glubokoe regional executive committee
12 November 2021

Over 30% of Belarusians get first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

More than 30% of people living in Belarus have received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich told reporters, BelTA has learned. 

The first dose of the vaccine has already been administered to 3.12 million people. “As to healthcare and education specialists, social workers and those who come in contact with many people, the vaccination rate in these population groups is 70-80%,” Dmitry Pinevich said. 

According to him, this is bearing fruit as it helps break the chain of COVID-19 transmission. “We see a decline in the pandemic, and this is also due to the vaccination effort,” the minister said. 

Dmitry Pinevich noted that the vaccination is gathering pace. “I believe that we have managed to convince those people who were in doubts. Now vaccines - both Sputnik and the Chinese one - are in demand,” he said. The minister added that “at present about 600,000 doses of the first component of the vaccine are in circulation”. Another batch of the Chinese vaccine has arrived. More purchases are planned. Everyone who wants to get a shot, will be able to do it, the minister assured. 

According to him, at present Sputnik accounts for three quarters of all vaccines used in Belarus, the rest are the vaccines made by China. “The indications for administering these vaccines are essentially the same, with some exceptions. I think that the same will remain in place in the future when COVID-19 vaccination will become permanent (we are discussing it now),” Dmitry Pinevich said. The localization of the Chinese vaccine is also being considered. “Therefore, I believe that all types of vaccines will find their niche in the national vaccination calendar,” he added. 

Speaking about plans to resume providing routine medical care in hospitals, the minister noted that most of this work will be done within a month. Plans were developed for each region, and they are updated every day. “At the same time, we remain on standby. We urge everyone not to lower their guard and take precautions, and to opt for vaccination or get a booster shot if time has come,” the minister added.

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