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Glubokoe regional executive committee
17 November 2020

Lukashenko urges to be proactive to harness global recovery potential

When the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic ends, it is important to seize the opportunities of the global production revival and to use the existing situation wisely, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the government conference held on 17 November to discuss topical foreign policy issues, BelTA informs.

The head of state said that the pandemic has already impaired serious damage to the global economy. “However, we should realize that a crisis is always followed by a revival. Therefore, it is essential to seize the opportunities of the global production revival and to use the existing situation wisely,” the president said.

Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized that the commitment to the maintenance of versatile international contacts remains unchanged. “We must talk to everybody who wants to talk to us and who respects us. The preservation of conventional markets and the penetration of new ones is a key to our economic security. We must decide if the approaches to the diversification of export which we have already determined need improved,” the Belarusian leader said.

The president recalled the need to reap maximum benefits from this year's good harvest. He also asked about the state of affairs in other industries and about the foreign economic forecasts in general.

According to the head of state, foreign economic operations are among the priorities for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “The main objective for a diplomat abroad – an ambassador and an embassy – is to promote our goods on all markets. Export is a priority for the diplomatic corps,” the president emphasized. “Foreign economic ties plus other diplomatic procedures and activities are the core of the operation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, Roman Aleksandrovich [Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko], you are in charge of supervising the economic dimension of the ministry's work.”

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