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16 August 2018

Kochanova: Orsha District needs a team ready to fulfill president's instructions

Orsha District needs a team that is ready to implement the instructions of the President of Belarus, Head of the Belarus President Administration Natalya Kochanova told the media in Orsha on 15 August ahead of the introduction of new Chairman of the Orsha District Executive Committee Igor Isachenko to the staff, BelTA informs.

"We need to form a team ready to fulfill the president's instructions on the comprehensive development of Orsha District," said Natalya Kochanova. She noted that all tasks are clear and understandable, and cover social sector, industry, and agriculture. The head of the Belarus President Administration stressed that all the tasks set by the head of state should be implemented in full by the head of any district or city.

Natalya Kochanova introduced Igor Isachenko as the new Chairman of the Orsha District to the personnel of the executive committee. "With high professionalism and firmness in decision-making, Igor Isachenko will be able to adequately solve all the tasks that the team of the Orsha District Executive Committee is facing," the head of the Belarus President's Administration said.

According to Natalya Kochanova, first of all, it is necessary to bring order to and clear up the enterprises of Orsha District.

"As for the development strategy and decisions that are to be taken at various enterprises, it is crucial to use all the manufacturing facilities, establish production of competitive products that will be in demand on foreign markets," Natalya Kochanova said.

Natalya Kochanova also drew the attention of the local authorities to the importance of cooperation with the population. "You need to gain authority among the residents of Orsha. This is very important. Orsha District accounts for a big number of complaints to higher authorities, and 50% of them are complaints about the work of the local authorities. I need you to act. Then people will see that the local authorities care about them," the head of the Belarus President Administration said.

"You need to do everything possible for the district and the city to become an example for others in social and economic development, as well as comfortable living conditions for people," she added.

Igor Isachenko was born in Liozno, Vitebsk Oblast. He graduated from the Kiev Higher Engineer School of Missile Rockets and served in the Armed Forces of Belarus from 1991 to 1999. Later, he held executive positions at Vitebskoblgaz Company and was Director General of Vitebskoblvodokanal for five years. Since 2014 he was Chairman of the Architecture and Construction Committee of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee.