Glubokoe regional executive committee

Regional Executive Committee

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Glubokoe is the cherry capital
Glubokoe is the cherry capital
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Natural Resources

The region boasts 106 lakes, including the deepest lake in Belarus Dolgoe (56-m deep), which are natural habitat for 30 species of fish. There are more than 800 species of plants. The region is abundant in boars, elks, foxes, martens, hares, beavers.

The region has good bus and railway connections. The town of Glybokoye is located on the crossroads of motorways form Polotsk to Vilnius, Minsk to Riga. Passing the region are railways from Molodechno to Polotsk and Krulevshchizna to Voropayevo.

Nature Reserves

Hydrological Reserve: Lake Beloye, Golubichskaya Puscha, Gurby.
Botanical Reserves: Zelionaya Dubrava, Kholmogory, reserve of Lake Dolgoye;
Landscape Reserve: Plissky Kamovy Massiv, Zalesye Park.

Dendrological gardens