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Glubokoe is the cherry capital
Glubokoe is the cherry capital
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 The first record of Glubokoye goes back to 1514. The town owes its name to Lake Glubokoye located in it. According to geographers, the Glubokoye region near Lake Sho is the geographical center of Europe.

Glubokoye is 187km away from Vitebsk and 176km away from Minsk.

The Glubokoye region is situated in the South-West of the Vitebsk oblast.

It was founded in 1940. The area of the region is 1.8 thousand km; the population is almost 46,100 people. There are 418 settlements in the region.

The local authorities include one town and 12 rural councils.

Forests account for one fourth of the territory of the region. The region is rich in lakes. Among them is Belarus’ deepest Lake Dolgoye (53.7m deep). Lake Dolgoye and Lake Beloye are classified as lake reserves. The pounds of the region are home to at least 20 species of fish.