Glubokoe regional executive committee

Regional Executive Committee

42 Lenina street, Glubokoye, 211800

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Glubokoye Milk Cannery
131 Lenina Street,  town of Glubokoye, 211800
Phone:  802156 2-44-98

Glubokoye Milk Cannery is involved in milk processing, production of dairy products.

Glubokoye Milk Cannery manuafctures the following products:
canned dairy products
dry whole and skimmed milk powder
whole milk substitute
whole milk products, farm cheese, fermented milk products
hard and semi-hard cheeses.

The company produces:
canned condensed milk with sugar - 96 tubes per shift;
canned condensed sterilized milk – 60 tubes per shift;
butter – 17 tonnes a shift;
whole milk products - 18 tonnes a shift;

The company operates the HACCP system for the quality and safety of production and storage of condensed canned milk and certified the production of condensed and dry canned milk, butter cow for compliance with the ISO ())1-2001.

Glubokoye Meat-Packing Plant
81 Moskovskaya Street, town of Glubokoye, 211800
Phone: 802156  2-61-33
Е- mail: 

Glubokoye Meat-Packing Plant processes livestock and manufactures food products (finished meat products and semi-finished products). 

Glubokoye Meat-Packing Plant produces the following types of products:
meat and offal
smoked meats
semi- finished products and mincemeat
delicious products
edible and technical fats
dry animal feed
preserved skins
endocrine-ferment raw materials.

Production capacity of the company is as follows:
meat cattle  - 75 tonnes per shift;
dry animal feed – 3,8 tonnes per shift;
pelmenis – 1,75 tonnes per shift;
sausages - 10 tonnes per shift;
semi-finished products - 1.3 tonnes per shift;
refrigerator capacity: 2800 t/units of storage.

 The company operates the HACCP system for dry and dry-cured sausages (2005) and quality management system STB ISO 9001 for production of meat and meat products.

Glubokoye Fodder Mill
142 Lenina Street, Glubokoye, 211800
Phone: 801256 2-50-31 


The company’s business includes:
production of formula feed for livestock, poultry, and fish;
production of premixes and feed supplements for livestock and poultry;
pgg, poultry meat and rearing stock production;
prain and rapeseed drying and storage.

Glubokoye Fodder Mill comprises:
a formula feed workshop with the rated capacity of 315 tonnes per day. Now the shop holds its capacity at 860 tonnes per day on a day-and-night service and 573 tonnes per day in a double shift;
an elevator for storing grass meal in the inert-gas blanket (15,000 cubic meters; 9,500 tonnes);
a grain elevator for 62,000 cubic meters

The company’s quality management system is certified for compliance with the national standard STB ISO 9001.

1 Lenina Street, Glubokoye, 211800
Phone: 802156 2-24-95

KUPTSOV is one of the major companies in the Belarusian food canning industry. The plant is the only producer of canned peas and apple juice in Vitebsk Oblast. The company produces over 100 descriptions of canned vegetable and fruit, juice concentrate and other Twist-off and Tetra Pak products. The production capacities are 33.4 million of cans equivalent per year including the production of juice concentrate. The company is currently implementing an investment project on technical upgrade in a bid to increase the import-substitution production in Tetra Pak, expand the assortment, enhance the quality and competitive ability of goods.

Glubokoye bakery, the affiliate of Vitebskhlebprom
146 Lenina Street, Glubokoye, 211800
Phone: 802156 2-40-20

 New products are made taking into account Belarusian traditions of panification using malt, caraway, molasses and potato. Much attention is paid to the production of healthy products such as dietary and diabetic bakery products with blues, beta-carotene and fortified with vitamin additives. The plant produces 20 types of rye-wheat bread, 36 bakery and more than 50 confectionary goods. The plant oeprates a quality management system ISO 9001.

Podsville winery, the affiliate of Polotsk Wine-Making Factory

70 Sovetskaya Street, Podsville, Glubokoye District, 211797
Reception telephone – 802156 3-51-84

A major line of business is production of fruit and grape wines. The enterprise produces 900,000 decaliters of wine and bottles 50,000 decaliters of grape wine per year. The enterprise uses quality management system ISO 9001.

Mosar Flax Mill
Mosar village, Glubokoye District, 211807
Phone: 802156 3-29-33

 Glubokoye Printing House
2 Krasnoarmeiskaya Street, Glubokoye, 211800
Phone (director): 802156 2-17-45

The enterprise produces printed blanks, magazines and business cards. The enterprise uses thermal binding machines.