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The visiting card of the city
The visiting card of the city
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9 September 2016

Bryansk Oblast experience for reorganizing agricultural enterprises in Vitebsk Oblast

The experience of Russia's Bryansk Oblast can be useful for reorganizing agribusiness enterprises in Vitebsk Oblast in line with Belarus president decree No. 320 on developing agricultural production in Vitebsk Oblast. Vitebsk Oblast Governor Nikolai Sherstnev made the statement when asked to comment on results of the visit to the Russian region, BelTA has learned.

The Vitebsk Oblast Governor said: "Vitebsk Oblast is now working to create integration structures. In other words, we follow the international experience of creating major corporations, industrial groups for the sake of centralizing capital. Russia did the same but earlier. During a recent trip to Bryansk Oblast for the sake of attending an economic forum we visited a facility where 350,000 pigs are kept. Our entire oblast has roughly the same amount but productiveness parameters in Russia are twice as high. It is obvious that in these conditions our products cannot compete well on foreign markets. And we make much more than we need domestically. In order to effectively use our products, it is primarily necessary to reduce costs, which means we should learn better practices, including from Bryansk."

Nikolai Sherstnev underlined that agricultural enterprises should get down to implementing the presidential decree right away. The decree has been adopted to improve their performance and enable conditions conducive to the development of agriculture and investments.

Speaking about cooperation with Bryansk Oblast, Nikolai Sherstnev noted that interaction between the regions in various agricultural spheres looks promising. "Bryansk Oblast does not grow corn but this year they have sown significant areas with this crop and intend to gather in 500,000 tonnes of it," said the Vitebsk Oblast Governor. "Vitebsk Oblast and Bryansk Oblast are virtually equal as far as the territory and the population are concerned. We should learn a lot from them and they could learn a lot from us, too."

The head of the Vitebsk Oblast administration noted that, all in all, the trip had been productive. "We sketched out serious development plans. We expect to welcome a delegation from Bryansk during the Dazhynki festival in the town of Senno this autumn. We intend to continue the dialogue to advance cooperation," concluded Nikolai Sherstnev.