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Glubokoe in the night
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17 October 2016

Chinese investors to build commercial dairy farms in Vitebsk Oblast

China plans to offer its direct investment for the construction of commercial dairy farms in Vitebsk Oblast, Vitebsk Oblast Governor Nikolai Sherstnev told media after the ceremony to inaugurate the new meat-processing workshop at Glubokoye Meat Packing Plant on 12 October.

"We have agreed on the implementation of one big project. China plans to build two commercial dairy farms with a 6,400-strong milking herd each and also a 3,200-head dairy farm here using its direct investment. The facilities will be constructed in Dubrovno, Tolochin and Senno Districts. There are also plans to build a new animal feed mill. The product will be exported to China," the Governor said.

According to the Governor, the construction of three dairy farms is the first stage of cooperation with China in the sector. The parties are mulling over the construction of dairy farms in Ushachi, Shumilino and Rossony Districts. "We consider the opportunity of building nearly ten farms. Chinese partners have already sent their specialists here. We will be ready to sign the investment agreement in December and will launch the construction in 2017," noted Nikolai Sherstnev. According to the preliminary estimates, investment in the projects will total nearly $260 million.

"The construction of the farms is just the beginning. We will need to provide the farms with the cattle. The Chinese side intends to bring the cattle from the outside, while we will insist on providing the farms with Belarusian cows as different climate and housing conditions can provide the unwanted result. We have a good milking herd and can boast a well-developed selection," the Governor said.

On 12 October a new meat-processing workshop was opened at Glubokoye Meta Packing Plant. The full modernization of this stage of the production chain will help increase the processing depth from 40% to 80%. The project was launched in 2013 and is slated for completion in 2017.