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2 June 2016

German Siemens to maintain China-built power turbine in Belarusian Lukoml

The Vitebsk Oblast electrical company Vitebskenergo has signed a long-term contract with the German company Siemens Aktiengesellschaft. In line with the contract the German company will take care of maintenance of the combined-cycle gas turbine PGU-427 at the Lukoml state district power plant, Vitebskenergo representatives told BelTA.

The combined-cycle gas turbine was initially built by the Chinese company CMEC. The Belarusian-Chinese contract on the warranty service of the turbine expired in May 2016. This is why Vitebskenergo had to find a new maintenance service provider. In February 2016 Vitebskenergo began negotiations with Siemens, which manufactures gas turbine equipment that makes part of the combined-cycle gas turbine in Lukoml. Technical aspects of maintenance services, the delivery of the necessary parts and materials were discussed. As a result, the sides have come to mutually acceptable terms.

The contract will be in effect for 15 years and can be prolonged after that. At the end of the signing ceremony a Siemens representative thanked the Belarusian side for choosing the German company for post-warranty maintenance and expressed confidence in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

The 427MW combined-cycle gas turbine was commissioned precisely two years ago. Chinese partners acted as the general contractor of the construction project. About 250 Belarusian companies and organizations were invited to perform design, construction and installation, and startup tuning operations and supply materials. The fuel component in the prime cost of electricity the gas turbine generates is nearly 30% lower than that of other power-generating units of the Lukoml state district power plant. The fact allows saving up to 175,000 tonnes of oil equivalent per annum. Apart from that, a combined-cycle gas turbine uses less water and releases less harmful substances into the atmosphere in comparison with steam turbine units.