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Glubokoe in the night
Glubokoe in the night
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26 February 2015

Vitebsk to celebrate 100th anniversary of Marc Chagall’s wedding

Vitebsk will mark the 100th anniversary of the wedding of Marc Chagall with a culture project “Wedding extravaganza Lovers Over the Town,” BelTA learned from the Vitebsk City Hall.

“On 25 July 2015 we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the wedding of a romantic couple who have become a symbol of an artist’s love for a woman, that of Marc Chagall for Bella Rosenfeld. We could not pass by this event and arranged plans to mark it in a way that will make Vitebsk residents and tourists happy,” the Vitebsk City Hall explained.

For the celebrations, the organizers are going to decorate the historical part of Vitebsk in the early twentieth century style. Residents and guests of the city will have a chance to meet the couple and see theatrical performances when strolling around the city.

Civil registry offices are expected to actively participate in the celebrations. “People in love and happily married couples will have a chance to partake in a symbolic wedding ceremony and get a special certificate in Vitebsk on 25 July,” the Vitebsk authorities noted.

Vitebsk artists and photographers will be invited to participate in the preparations for the celebrations. Everybody will be able to take part in the culture project. The celebration program will include various themed events and competitions for the best wedding arch, coach, korovai (traditional wedding bread), best decorated balcony, and others.

A competition has been announced to create a logo of the project that will later become its official symbol and will be included in the branding package for future use.