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1 February 2021
At Belarusian championship in biathlon among boys and girls, which took place on the basis of Raubichi sports complex near Minsk, the team of Vitebsk Oblast took the first place. Athletes from Dvina region won 18 medals (of which six were gold), with 14 awards in the assets of the representatives of the weak half.
29 January 2021

The meeting of future delegates of the All-Belarusian People's Assembly, representatives of Vitebsk oblast organization of the RPA "Belaya Rus" was held in the oblast center.

28 January 2021

In Vitebsk Oblast, there are a number of unused real estate objects that have been repeatedly put up for auction, but have not been able to find their buyer.

27 January 2021

The Russian Sputnik V vaccine arrived in Vitebsk yesterday and the first health workers with high risks of coronavirus infection have already been vaccinated in Vitebsk city central polyclinic.

26 January 2021

The month of ensuring safe working conditions in winter is taking place in Vitebsk Oblast.

25 January 2021

The republican patriotic labor project "Winter Route" will take place for the first time on January 24-29 in Vitebsk Oblast.