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Панорама города
Панорама города
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9 February 2021
In Vitebsk Oblast in 2020, the area of unused communal real estate decreased by 92.100 sq. m., or by 10% compared to the data for 2019, BelTA learned from the Vitebskoblimuschestvo committee.
8 February 2021
During the pandemic, volunteers of Vitebsk regional organization of the Belarusian Red Cross Society (BRCC) provided more than 11.000 services to the population, said the head of the regional organization Galina Zhelanova. During the pandemic, caring for the elderly has become a priority for Red Cross workers and volunteers.
5 February 2021
According to Viktor Shebalov, head of the livestock production and sectoral construction department of the committee on agriculture and food of the Oblast Executive Committee, gross milk production amounted to 740.900 tons (growth rate by 2019 - 103.4%) with an average milk yield per cow of 4030 kg.
4 February 2021
Employees of the forestry enterprises of Vitebsk State Forestry Enterprise will complete preparations for the fire hazardous season by March 1, said Vladimir Konkov, head of the department for forest protection and protection, hunting and hunting tourism of Vitebsk State Forestry Enterprise.
3 February 2021
Agriculture will become the most important priority of the social and economic development of Vitebsk Oblast in the future until 2025, the current five-year plan will become a nationwide construction project in the agro-industrial complex.
2 February 2021
By the end of 2020, the number of cybercrimes in Vitebsk Oblast increased 2.7 times, but the number of grave and especially grave crimes decreased by 12.5%.